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Maintaining Your Vehicle Is One Way To Prevent Collisions


Individuals drive to appointments, family commitments, work, and run errands throughout the New York area. Many Long Island residents and visitors complain about being stuck in traffic in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Because there are many high-traffic areas, it makes sense that it is not always possible to avoid accidents, but there are things you can do to try and prevent the likelihood that you and your vehicle will be involved in area wrecks.

If you were injured in a New York car accident, connect with a Long Island personal injury lawyer to learn about your recovery options. Compensation for medical expenses and lost wages could be possible, especially if one or more other parties were negligent.

Pay Attention and Avoid Driving Distractions

Of course, paying attention and not participating in distracted driving behaviors is important. Keep your eyes on the roadway and your hands on the wheel of the car. It can be tempting to pick up your mobile device and send a quick text, but any activity that takes your focus away from the car’s control can lead to a disastrous accident. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over 1,000 U.S. car accident injuries each year result from distracted drivers.

And the controls within your vehicle are not the only items in need of your attention. Quick changes in the weather or traffic shifts could require a change in your driving behavior. For example, during heavy rainfall, lowering your speed and turning on headlights (if they are not automatic) is a way to help prevent collisions.

Maintaining a Safe Vehicle

Keeping your car, truck, or motorcycle in optimal shape can help to avoid traffic accidents. While a busy schedule can make it tempting to put off maintenance checks, having regular car maintenance and caring for tires appropriately is the safe choice. For instance, if the tire treads are worn, and driving on wet roads, hydroplaning and loss of vehicular control is more likely than it would be if the tires had healthy, deep treads.

Then, with a safe vehicle, head out of your garage or parking spot ready to obey traffic laws and follow signals. Too often, individuals become lazy about following traffic laws in their own communities because they are so familiar with the area. Car accidents often happen close to home. Always obey traffic signage and alert others on the road when making a turn through turn signal use.

If you were hurt when another New York driver caused an accident, share your story with a Long Island personal injury lawyer.

Were you following all of the traffic signs and signals, yet you sustained an injury driving in New York? You need a personal injury lawyer working for you to determine a path forward. Together, we can assess your expenses and develop a strategy to secure your best compensation option. With over 30 years of legal experience, our legal team represents clients throughout Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City. Don’t delay, contact Giuffré Law Offices at 516-802-9912 to discuss your case today.

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