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Case Results

New York businesswoman settles for $2 million during trial – spinal surgery after being sideswiped by SUV

A New York financial professional was crossing the street when she was stuck by the mirror of a passing SUV. She did not fall down but twisted her back which led to eventual spinal surgery. The SUV’s insurance company fought the claim for years and John Giuffré took the case to trial. Once the jury was selected, the settlement offers started coming in and John was able to settle the case for $2 million dollars before having to call a single witness.

New York businessman settles for $1.7 million during trial – medication induced organ damage

A New York businessman was prescribed medication which caused major organ damage. His doctors failed to diagnose the serious condition leading to a malpractice trial.

The doctors’ insurance company fought the claim, and we took the case to trial. Once the case started, our facts were undeniable, and the insurance companies settled the case on only the fourth day of trial for a very favorable amount for our client.

$1,325 million settlement for a Queens electrician who fell from a ladder after being shocked

A Queens electrician fell from a ladder after being shocked by a live wire that was supposed to have been de-energized. After a thorough investigation, two-years of pre-trial discovery, and a careful analysis by our expert engineer, we had the evidence to win the case on papers – no trial needed for the Court to determine that the General Contractor was 100% at fault. The case settled shortly after the Court’s ruling.

Doctor cooks the books – $1.1 million malpractice settlement before jury selection for Nassau County man with undiagnosed kidney disease

Failure to diagnose kidney disease in a 39-year-old accountant, a married father of young children, resulted in a $1.1 million settlement just before jury selection.  We suspected that the doctor had tampered with his medical records after he found out that his patient was seriously ill.  Our forensic document analysis showed gross tampering with the medical records.  We were prepared to prove the truth of all of this in court, but defense lawyers and insurance company agreed to a settlement on the eve of trial, rather than let the case go to a jury.

$950k for Long Island construction worker injured in car accident

We obtained a $950,000.00 settlement after jury selection in Supreme Court, Nassau County. Our client, a self-employed construction worker, sustained a back injury requiring surgery and lost income. Even before jury selection began, we obtained a court-order finding the other driver to be 100% at fault in causing the accident. The trial was only about the amount of compensation for our injured client. We had our experts – the treating neurosurgeon and an economist – lined up to testify when the case settled for $950,000.00 (the bulk of the other driver’s insurance policy).

$625K settlement after verdict for Brooklyn Hairdresser who slipped and fell in Kings Plaza Mall

A Brooklyn hairdresser slipped on water in Kings Plaza Mall, sustaining serious injuries. The Mall and its security company bitterly fought the case all the way to trial.  We dug deep into the mall records, spending two full days reviewing several years’ worth of logbooks to determine the truth – that flooding was a regular occurrence in the mall.  The jury found negligence by the mall and the security company for not cleaning up or roping off the wet floor.   After the verdict, the case was settled for $625,000.00.

Garden City teen awarded $550k as passenger in car accident

Our client was injured as the passenger in a two-car accident at an intersection in broad daylight. The teen suffered knee injury and a mild traumatic brain injury. Upon investigation, we found no drugs or alcohol were involved.  We went to trial in Supreme Court, Nassau County and, after obtaining a jury verdict, we obtained a $550,000.00 settlement for our client.

$475k for rear-end collision from a tractor-trailer

We obtained a $475,000.00 settlement for an upstate furniture designed who was driving on Route 9 and was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. He claimed to have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury and a fracture vertebra, but these claims were bitterly denied by the insurance company’s lawyer. Once again, we obtained a court-order finding the truck driver and trucking company to be 100% at fault. Six months before trial, the case was settled at a mediation for $475,000.00.

We obtained a $475k settlement for Brooklyn construction worker injured on job site

Our client was a hard-working man in his twenties supporting his family.  We obtained this substantial settlement for him very early in the case, shortly after we started the lawsuit.  The case involved an eye injury caused by the failure to provide safety goggles.  A foreign object struck our client in the eye, requiring surgical removal and leading to partial impairment of vision.  Our client, being the hard-working, responsible man that he was, returned to work after recovering from his injury.  We obtained a $475,000.00 settlement and we got the workers’ compensation insurance company to waive their right to get repaid from the settlement, saving our client over $40,000.00 that would have otherwise been deducted from his share of the settlement money.  We don’t just fight to get our client’s compensation for their injuries, we also work hard to help them keep their as much of their settlement money as possible.

$475k for Floral Park secretary bitten by a dog

We settled a case before trial for a Floral Park secretary who was bitten by her sister’s neighbor’s dog. She sustained a serious injury to her upper lip that required plastic surgery to correct.

How we did it: The attorneys for the dog owner thought they had a good case. But we knew that if we obtained a court order to examine the dog, we would find that the dog was dangerous.  We knew the dog was dangerous based on our thorough investigation, including interviewing neighbors who lived on the block. We petitioned the court to allow our animal safety expert to examine the pooch, and after fighting a battle in court, we won the right to examine the dog. The defense attorneys and the insurance company tried to delay the examination by filing an appeal, but we beat them again and obtained a court order allowing the dog examination to go forward immediately, even though they had appealed.  As soon as we won this right to an immediate inspection of the dog, the defense collapsed, and they settled the case.

Our hard work and understanding of the law and our unwillingness to take no for an answer led us to the truth in this matter and provided substantial compensation for our client’s serious injury.  And, thanks to the skill of her plastic surgeon, our client recovered with minimal facial scarring.

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