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Dangers of Understaffed New York Nursing Homes


When your parent or loved one resides in a nursing home, it is common to worry about how they are being cared for. Even after all of the research a family does to find the best facility, there is still a leap of faith a family takes, believing that the best interests of the individual will be taken into account at all times. While it is the legal duty of a nursing home to provide safe and clean living environments, the truth is there can be issues when a facility is not staffed correctly.

If you signed a contract when your loved one moved into a Long Island, Brooklyn, Stewart Manor, or Bayside living facility, it is important everything agreed to is followed. This includes staffing levels. If you believe the nursing home or assisted living facility where your loved one lives does not have the ratio of employees to residents they stated within their contract, talk to a Long Island nursing home negligence lawyer to understand your options moving forward.

Issues from Understaffed Facilities

When there is a lack of staff at an assisted living facility or nursing home, residents are at risk of injury and harm. Dangers are also present when staff has not been adequately trained or does not have the proper credentials. When workers are overworked, frustrated, and pressured, they are not performing at their best. Employees who are overtaxed can be quick to anger, leading to abuse and ill care.

When staffing is not at a proper level, any or all of the following may be true.

  • Unclean common areas or living quarters
  • Environments without proper safety precautions
  • Dehydration and inadequate nutrition
  • Individuals fall because there is no one present to assist them
  • Personal hygiene, such as grooming and bathing, is ignored
  • Bedsores and pressure ulcers may develop due to immobility
  • Medication errors or improper monitoring of medical conditions

If you have noticed any issues or if your loved one has shared concerns with you, discuss the situation with a staff member. Then, if you are unhappy with the response you receive, connect with a Long Island nursing home negligence lawyer. Misconduct and abuse should never be tolerated.

Reasons for Low Staffing Levels

It takes a great deal of administration and management to run a care facility. Because of this, there are often high personnel expenses as well. Because employee wages are expensive, there are times when organizations choose to cut positions when they are having fiscal difficulties. When licensed personnel, such as assistants and nurses, are let go or quit and are not replaced, issues can arise. This can be exacerbated if staff leave in response to their positions becoming more difficult because of low staffing levels.

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