We obtained a $475k settlement for Brooklyn construction worker injured on job site

Our client was a hard-working man in his twenties supporting his family.  We obtained this substantial settlement for him very early in the case, shortly after we started the lawsuit.  The case involved an eye injury caused by the failure to provide safety goggles.  A foreign object struck our client in the eye, requiring surgical removal and leading to partial impairment of vision.  Our client, being the hard-working, responsible man that he was, returned to work after recovering from his injury.  We obtained a $475,000.00 settlement and we got the workers’ compensation insurance company to waive their right to get repaid from the settlement, saving our client over $40,000.00 that would have otherwise been deducted from his share of the settlement money.  We don’t just fight to get our client’s compensation for their injuries, we also work hard to help them keep their as much of their settlement money as possible.