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Elmont Dog Bite Lawyer

While most dogs are friendly, harmless members of the household, some lash out with aggression. Whether you were nipped by a fearful Chihuahua and you had to receive stitches at the hospital for your lacerations, or you were viciously attacked by a doberman pinscher and may end up having permanent scarring or disfigurement, the dog’s owner is responsible for financially compensating you. By working with an Elmont dog bite lawyer at Giuffre Law Offices, P.C., you can have your medical bills and other damages fully covered.

New York Dog Bite Laws

From leash laws—such as New York City Health Code 161.05 that states that an individual who owns or is in control of a dog may not allow it to be in any public place or in any open or unfenced field abutting a public place, unless the dog is effectively restrained by a leash or chain that is six feet in length or shorter—to New York’s dangerous dog doctrine, there are many laws in New York that regulate dogs in the city and state. The most important law to keep in mind if you were bitten or attacked is the following:

  • If the owner of the dog did not know they had a dangerous dog, they are only liable for covering your medical expenses.
  • If the owner of the dog knew their dog was dangerous, or they should have known it was dangerous, they are liable for all of your damages. This includes medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress including PTSD, and more.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

NYC Vital Signs reports that there are an estimated 500,000 dogs living across NYC and an average of just over 6,000 emergency room visits due to dog bites annually. Dog bites can be serious and can even require overnight hospitalization. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is important that you take the following steps. If the injuries are severe, call 911 for immediate medical attention and have someone you are with stay back to get information on your behalf..

  • Get the dog owner’s name, address, and contact information or if the dog is running free without any owner, any person nearby who may be able to identify the dog;
  • Seek medical care; and
  • Report the bite to the health department and contact 911 if you believe the dog is an immediate threat to others.

Contact an Elmont Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog and sustained dog bites you are likely going to require costly medical attention. It may impact your ability to work, care for your family, or even engage in normal activities without fear of being attacked again. The Elmont dog bite attorneys at Giuffre Law Offices, P.C., can assist you in your recovery process by helping you seek compensation for your losses. Contact our offices today at 516-802-9912 to schedule a free consultation.

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