Truck Accidents

The Danger Trucks Pose to Drivers Every Day

Americans travel on highways and streets every day with a variety of large commercial vehicles, including box trucks, eighteen wheelers, construction vehicles, and other large trucks. Accidents with trucks are much more likely to cause death or catastrophic injury to one of the occupants. There are two main features in large trucks that make them especially dangerous to people riding in passenger vehicles. The first feature is the weight of the vehicle. Heavier vehicles can be more difficult to stop, and they can cause more serious damage when they strike another vehicle due to the force behind them. Heavy vehicles and vehicles carrying freight are also more susceptible to rollover accidents, mechanical failures, and jackknifing. The second aspect of a large truck that makes it dangerous is the height. The grill, bumper, and other main parts of the vehicle can be in line with the top section of a passenger car, which creates a serious risk of head injury and traumatic injury to the chest and torso of the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Truck accidents create certain complications as opposed to other types of car accidents. An experienced New York truck accident lawyer can help make sure that your claim is filed in a timely manner, and that you are compensated fairly for your truck accident injuries. Some of the issues in truck accidents that attorneys can handle include:

  • Liability issues: Long hours, drowsy drivers, or excessive speed from pressure to deliver on time can all lead to negligent behavior behind the wheel of a large truck. However, trucking companies do not want to admit to these conditions. An experienced attorney can help you investigate the cause of the accident.
  • Truck companies: Sometimes, when the company is large enough, it could possibly be self-insured. Commercial truck insurance can differ from regular auto insurance, and you need a lawyer who understands how to handle these types of claims.
  • Catastrophic injuries: Truck cases are very different from regular auto claims, because the victims are often plagued with severe, life-altering, and sometimes fatal injuries.
  • Truck regulation: In addition to the general rules of the road, trucks have special legal requirements concerning their weight capacity, speed, lanes of travel, and periodic inspection and maintenance. You need a lawyer who understands these rules to represent you in your claim.

Don’t Delay Filing Your Claim – Our Attorneys are Available

If you were hurt in a truck accident, you need experienced legal representation. Our team of personal injury lawyers understands the complex nature of truck claims, and can make sure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries. Call to make an appointment today, and start the process of filing your truck accident claim.

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