Dog Bites

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer if You Were Bitten By a Dog

Many people have dogs as pets, and we are often in a situation where we interact with pets that do not belong to us. Whether you are in a public place, in someone’s home, or on your own property, there is a risk that you could come in contact with a dog that could bite you. Dog bites occur at alarming rates, and every year millions of Americans suffer bite injuries from someone’s pet. If a dog bites you, you may have the right to file a legal action to compensate you for the injuries you sustained.

What Should I Do if I Was Bitten by a Dog?

If you or your child were bitten by a dog, there are several steps you should take to ensure that your health, well-being, and legal rights are protected.

  • Seek medical attention: The most important thing you can do at the outset of a dog bite incident is make sure the victim is treated for any injuries they may have.
  • Get information: You will need information from the dog owner, both for your medical treatment and in the event that you need to file a legal action. You will need to know if the animal was up-to-date on their vaccinations, and you will also need to know who owns the dog.
  • Contact an attorney: When you have medical bills, lost time from work or school, or pain and scarring from a dog bite incident, you may need to file a lawsuit in order to get compensation for the injury. A lawyer can handle your claim and help with the investigation of the incident.

Dog Bite Laws – How Do I Know if I Have a Claim?

New York dog bite law is very complicated, and the best way to figure out whether you have a viable claim is to contact an attorney. In New York, an owner is always responsible for the medical care associated with the dog bite, regardless of whether or not they knew that the dog had a vicious propensity. However, if a victim of a dog bite wishes to sue the dog owner for additional damages, such as pain and suffering compensation, they can only do so if the dog had a vicious propensity. Vicious propensity is often shown by evidence that the dog has bitten before. If you were injured in a dog bite incident, the attorneys at our firm are available to help determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation for your injuty.

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