$475,000 for Floral Park secretary bitten by a dog

We settled a case before trial for a Floral Park secretary who was bitten by her sister’s neighbor’s dog.

She sustained a serious injury to her upper lip that required plastic surgery to correct.

dog bite caseHow we did it: The attorneys for the dog owner thought they had a good case. But we knew that if we obtained a court order to examine the dog we would find that the dog was dangerous.  We knew the dog was dangerous based on our thorough investigation, including interviewing neighbors who lived on the block. We petitioned the court to allow our animal safety expert to examine the pooch, and after fighting a battle in court, we won the right to examine the dog. The defense attorneys and the insurance company tried to delay the examination by filing an appeal, but we beat them again and obtained a court order allowing the dog examination to go forward immediately, even though they had appealed.  As soon as we won this right to an immediate inspection of the dog, the defense collapsed and they settled the case.

Our hard work and understanding of the law and our unwillingness to take no for an answer led us to the truth in this matter and provided substantial compensation for our client’s serious injury.  And, thanks to the skill of her plastic surgeon, our client recovered  with minimal facial scarring.

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